Blog: Bring your own badge

How many keys do you have on your key-chain ? Probably too many… And the same goes for badges. Every systems uses it’s own badge, adding one more to the stack in your wallet…

However, unlike the physical keys, for badges there is no real reason to do so. Each badge holds a unique number, either 4, 7 or 10 bytes long. So as long as it’s for simple identification, why not accept any badge on your system ?

At Toolsquare we are not adding a badge to your stack. Register any badge you already have with our system, and use it from there. It could be your company badge, debit card, public transportation pass or any other NFC compatible tag. If your smartphone can do NFC (most of them do), you can even use the phone.

Curious as to how we do this ? Read on.

Over the years, several different and often incompatible RFID technologies have been developed, resulting in way too many standards. Recently NXP has bundled most of them them in their PN7150 RFID chip. A Cortex M0 microcontroller in the device takes care of all the different standards and its details, resulting in an RFID solution which can read almost all badges.

The Toolsquare solution uses this technology to make your life simpler : bring your own badge, swipe it on one of the Toolsquare units, assign it to your Toolsquare account and that’s it.

Happy making!

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