how it works

3 easy ways   

to take control

over your equipment

1. Optimise resource planning
with booking tool

Let users book equipment effortlessly through our intuitive platform so you can fine-tune lab workflows and maximise your resource potential.

Users easily check which equipment is free
Users see in advance when equipment is scheduled for maintenance
You maximise the occupancy rate of your equipment
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2. Control Access and
Track Activity of your Equipment

Easily connect our Toolsquare units to any machine. Users simply swipe their access card to the unit to gain access. All activity is now tracked.

Manage Access and show user procedures via the units increasing safety
Track all equipment and user activity
Accurate Invoicing and Equipment Use Overview
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3. Get notified of
issues immediately

After confirming the user's access, our unit asks feedback on the machine's status. Issues are thus immediately reported and can be quickly resolved.

Immediate issue notification by email and on our platform
Swift resolution of issues
Reduce downtime and repair costs drastically
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Stop losing money now

Reduction of up to 35% in downtime
Reduction of up to 90% in repair costs
Hard data for smart investment decisions
Accurate cost allocation
Maximisation of equipment occupancy rates

reduction in repair costs


Source: Jan Steyaert, Director VIB-VUB center of Structural Biology

Decrease in downtime up to


Source: Average reduction among clients

Jobs logged


Source: Total number of jobs in client data dashboards

Discover our lockers

for smaller equipment

Let users borrow smaller equipment effortlessly while you keep track of everything.

Users easily book and borrow tools
User procedures are displayed when a tool is collected
Customized lockers and adaptation of existing lockers possible


How can Toolsquare help me?

Toolsquare is an all-in-one solution to efficiently manage your equipment and users. It offers a booking tool so you can neatly plan your resources. It minimises breakdowns and repair costs because its access control system ensures safe usage. And it reduces downtime because issues are immediately reported. What’s more, the data dashboard provides insights into the weakest links in your workflow. With the data you can increase your productivity.

How is access to machines controlled?

Access to equipment is controlled by our Toolsquare units which are connected to your equipment. People who wish to use a machine have to swipe their user card against the unit. If they are authorised, the unit grants access. If not, the unit displays a message denying access. In that case, the machine stays locked.

Is Toolsquare easy to use?

It definitely is. Our team makes sure you are set up and informed so you are ready to use it. The platform itself is very intuitive. You will easily find your way around. If you do have any questions along the way, you can always reach out to us via phone or email.

What is the meaning of life?

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