Get control over the

use of your equipment

get data on machine usage
improve uptime
ensure safety


Manage your lab in the most efficient way

We can help you run your lab or workplace more efficiently with digitized user access. Servicing many users and departments has never been so easy.
use badges
control who gets access
only give access to people with training and authorisation
keep overview
get feedback
users are asked to check the condition of the machine
and learn
make data-driven decisions
find out what machines to invest in and invoice accurately

Enjoy all the benefits

Digitize repetitive tasks

Digitization of administrative tasks such as booking and cost allocation.

Save Costs

Increased ownership of equipment through controlled user access saves you time and money in repairs.

Improve safety

Prevent unauthorized use of equipment and ensure standard operating procedures are followed.

Get insights in lab performance

Make better decisions about the future of your lab based on accurate lab metrics.

calculate your savings


+ Reduce misuse.

+ Reduce machine downtime.

+ Respond faster to issues.

+ Invoice accurately.

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“We just badge, two seconds later we can use the machine... We have a lot of control so we know when things go wrong.”

Arne Janssens — PhD Researcher VIB

“There is a perfect traceability of usage of the machine”

Rouslan Efremov — Group Leader VIB