smart lab management

At Toolsquare, we believe that a technical or research lab should have a maximum open culture, but with clear rules. The Toolsquare IoT platform helps labs implement these rules by providing targeted access rights, a reservation tool, feedback possibilities, safety checklists and cost allocation.

An efficient way to manage your lab

The Toolsquare lab management platform physically controls the interaction of the user and the machine. This opens a wide variety of possibilities. It is up to you to choose your focus:

Improve uptime

When the user is known, he/she takes ownership of the equipment.

Get rid of tedious tasks

Digitization of administrative tasks such as booking and cost allocation. No more checking the users if they take sufficient care of the equipment.

Improve safety

Prevent unauthorized use of equipment. Run safety checklists.

Collect data for decision making

Underpin your decisions with real data.

Toolsquare is a world expert in this field. From the specific situation and requirements of your lab we define the setup of the platform that helps you best. The additional advice is free of charge.

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