Overcoming manufacturing challenges with data

posted on
October 2, 2023
Barbara Van Cauwelaert
As a custom manufacturing company, you’ll want to continuously increase efficiency. But multiple production processes and machines are hard to keep track of. How do you obtain accurate data on your machine and processing times to identify bottlenecks and perform accurate post-calculations? Collecting data on users is also crucial to prevent unqualified people from using machines and avoid safety risks, machine breakdowns and downtime. But have no fear, Toolsquare is here so you can start collecting all that data.

Start collecting data

By connecting your manufacturing machines to Toolsquare units, you:

  • control access to machines allowing only trained and authorized personnel
  • request feedback on the condition of a machine via the display of the unit & get immediately notified
  • allocate run hours directly to projects

The impact of data on your company 

With Toolsquare units connected to your machines, you start collecting all the data you need to increase efficiency. Firstly, users are verified, allowing only authorized and trained personnel access to machines, reducing safety risks. Secondly, every step in the process is tracked and linked to a project in the dashboard. This allows you to perform accurate post-calculations and make precise estimates for similar jobs in the future in a heartbeat. It also reveals opportunities to improve. If your laser cutter makes 50 pieces per hour but the bending machine can only handle 5 pieces in that time, you know what to do. Thirdly, the dashboard offers you objective data on downtime and occupancy rates so it is clear which machines need to be phased out or merit extra investments.

This screen in the Toolsquare data dashboard indicates the machine run hours.

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