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How to manage user access?The machine is out of order! How can I resume work?I get Out of Order mails that don’t interest me!

how to manage user access.

  1. Go to uses on the platform (use the hamburger menu in the top left if you’re on a mobile). If you don’t see that menu, you’re not yet a tenant manager. Contact other lab managers to give you more controls.
  2. Find the user using the search box in the top left corner. You could also search for a user group using the same search box.
  3. Select one or more users (use the select all on top if you would like to change access for a whole user group).
  4. Click on the dot’s and hit the “edit access rights”.
  5. In the menu just flip the switches. If you’ve selected more than one user, you could see “some” if not everyone has access. Just flip them to give everyone or no one access.
edit acces rights

The machine is out of order! How can I resume work?

  1. To get an overview of machines Out of Order, just search for it!
  2. Select the pencil at the end of the line
  3. Change out of order to in service.
  4. Done!
edit acces rights

I get Out of Order mails that don’t interest me!

When a user put’s a machine out of order, all tenant managers will receive a mail. In bigger organisations that could be annoying and sometimes the responsible is not necessarily a tenant manager. So here’s how to fix that!

  1. Find the machine you would like to change
  2. Add a technical contact (one or more)
  3. Done! Now only those will receive a mail when a machine is put out of order.

More on Technical Responsiebles here.

power test

Prices depend on the number of machines and include an unlimited number of users.