Our Mission

Toolsquare envisions a higher level of cooperation, sharing and ownership among makers and researchers. We aim to render workshops and laboratories self managing.

For this purpose, we supply our customers with hardware units and a software platform. Additionally, we provide expert knowledge on workshop management, user ownership and community building.

Our story

The platform was developed in 2018 in collaboration with Fablab Brussels. They stepped into this development because they wanted to manage a rather large lab with a limited staff.

So the following things were important to them:

  • Guaranteeing safety, despite the rather limited staffing levels
  • Encouraging care for the machines
  • Digitising administrative tasks
  • Generation of data to optimise operations

Since the summer of 2020, the platform is available for improving operations in manufacturing labs. End of 2019, VIB (Flanders institute for Biotechnology) has requested implementation and further development of the platform for use in its research facilities. With dedicated features such as feedback and machine checklists, they have improved their machine uptime and further improved their safety levels.

Our team

Johan Diels – CIO

tel +32487926172

David Truyens – CTO

tel +32 485 60 64 57

Jo Vos – COO

tel +32 479 70 98 54

Lorenz Adriaensen

field engineer

Bram Esposito

front end developer

Pascal Roobrouck

firmware developer

Robin Verbruggen

PCB design

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