Our solution

The smart lab assistant

Each machine is equipped with an easy-to-use Toolsquare unit. A user can only access a machine when s/he has proper access rights (e.g. training, experience).

The unit communicates with the user about the state of the machine, about safety requirements and about necessary precautions for that machine. Via the unit, the user can give feedback about the machine and the job done.

Management platform

The web based platform is used to set access rights per user, per machine. It informs you about possible problems, and automatically logs data per machine. Users can access the platform to see availability of machines and their personal history.

Improve uptime

When the user is known, he/she takes ownership of the equipment.

Get rid of tedious tasks

Digitization of administrative tasks such as booking and cost allocation.

Improve safety

Prevent unauthorized use of equipment. Run safety checklists.

Collect data for decision making

Underpin your decisions with real data.

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