our solution

We connect people & machines

to optimize your lab

Our smart lab assistant allows you to easily manage users and equipment. Control user access increasing ownership and enabling safe sharing of machines. Find all your administration in one place like pay-per-use invoicing and respond quickly to issues thanks to real-time lab metrics. Our solution integrates with any machine and software. Currently available across Europe.  

What we offer

The smart lab assistant

Each machine is equipped with a Toolsquare unit. Only users with proper access rights (e.g. training, experience) can access a machine using a badge.

The unit asks the user about the condition of the machine and checks the safety requirements for that machine. The user can give feedback about the machine and the job done.


Management platform

Via the web based platform you set access rights per user, per machine. It informs you about possible problems and automatically logs data per machine. Users access the platform to check availability of machines and their personal history.

Tool library (optional)

With our connected lockers, you easily share and track smaller equipment: hand tools, cameras… Now you always know where your tools are and the condition they are in.

For users it is easy to borrow tools. They badge in to see what’s available and select an item after a procedures check.  

We deliver customized lockers and support existing lockers.


Prices depend on the number of machines and include an unlimited number of users.