Feature release: Issue reporting – phase 1

Lab managers now have an overview of the status of the machines in the joblist. There you can see all feedbacks linked to a job. To get some history on a certain machine you can use the filtertool:

That was oké for a while, but now it’s time for the next steps. We’re using the quick and easy feedback buttons to create issues. If a user presses the orange or red button we’ll send a mail to that user. If a user would like to add some clarifications they can just reply and we’ll add the technical contacts automagically :-). So feel free to check that out now! Curious on your feedback.

Issue email

But that’s just phase 1. We’re already working on the next steps. Soon the end users will see a link in that mail. If they would like to add some information they can do so on our Toolsquare platform. There lab managers will have an overview of all open issues. They can add some notes, close the issues and add a cost if there was any. That way you’ll not only keep your lab in top shape, but you’ll get an overview of the total cost of ownership.

We’ll keep you posted!

Team Toolsquare

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